ICYMI: February Reflections and Looking Toward March 2020

February was a busy month with many active discussions. Below are a few highlights. Which were your favorites? What would you like to see more of?

  • First, we took a deeper dive into attendance policies. With the goal of attendance policies providing a structure for students to engage in class, these well-intentioned policies often have unintended consequences for students who are disabled or chronically ill. What did you think about the article, resources, and comments?
  • The special event on strategic communications was extremely active. Our guest, Tracy Poleck shared her expertise on how to communicate with students in order to aid retention. The following are suggestions to guide students without offering advice:
    • What are you already doing to take care of yourself?”
    • What concerns you most about your situation, if anything?”
    • What have you noticed helps you when you are really stressed?”
    • What needs to be different this time to get the result you want?”
    • How can we support you as you get through this?”
    • How have you managed to get through other difficult times in your life?”
  • Finally, we had two conversations, one about voice technology and one about speech recognition.

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts about February.


Kathy Tracey