Looking for good TED talks for professional development?


TED talks relevant to adult basic skills teaching and learning are archived on the Adult Literacy Education (ALE) Wiki at


As this is a wiki, you can add in other links to relevant TED talks there, too. For easy-to-read and use directions go to the bottom of this page, http://wiki.literacytent.org/index.php/Technology . I will be adding new TED talks to this page today. I hope you will, too.

David J. Rosen





Thank you for the great suggestion. The TED talks are often the focus of conversations with colleagues. Only makes sense that they would be a great resource for our learners. Several qualities of the presentations make them useful: high quality, comparatively brief, diverse topics, and usually well-integrated graphics.

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Reading and Writing community moderator

Hi David and All,

Thanks David for starting this conversation and wiki page on Ted Talks videos. I spent an evening searching through as many as I could as well as viewing some of those that were listed in the ALE Wiki. I am undecided about how useful these videos really are for teaching and PD ... I would like to see more examples of Ted Talks videos that others have found useful or applicable to teaching or PD as well as hear how they were used.

I did, however, really enjoy this one: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

I will use it with my students and report back here.

What additional Ted Talks videos have others found useful? How well did it go over with your class or staff development workshop?

Hungry for details! Thanks in advance.

Jackie Taylor