Moving away from deficit models of instruction toward asset-based instruction.

I have been starting to explore the idea of asset-based instruction. I found these two quick resources:Reframing Education By Erasing the Deficit Mindset With Yong Zhao and Approaching Marginalized Populations from an Asset Rather Than a Deficit Model of Education

The asset model of education approaches individuals from marginalized populations as:

  • having unique strengths, passions, and interests
  • being competent and capable in settings that are important to the learners
  • having their own personal powers
  • having much to offer to other learners and their school communities
  • sources for educating others about their communities and cultures
  • thriving in a climate of differentiated instruction and Universal Design for Learning
  • even though they are not marching to the beat of traditional school design, it doesn’t mean they are out of step

This model builds on the social and cultural capital present in each student and in their communities. 

How do you integrate asset-based instruction in your classroom or program. 

Kathy Tracey