Thank you! And Evolving Essential Skills Discussion Question

Thank you to those who were able to join us during our live LINCS PD Community Event: Change (Strikethrough) Transitions Management yesterday afternoon 3/17. We appreciate your participation!

We highlighted work by William Bridges and the "human side of change". We have experienced probably more change and transition in the last year than, at times, we may have preferred. Consequently, prevailing skill sets have taken center stage.

For decades we have discussed employers’ expressed needs for essential skills including communication, collaboration, conveying professionalism (e.g., work ethic, time management, etc.), critical thinking, teambuilding, etc. However, recent events have accelerated needs for skills that have more recently evolved and strengthened, like innovative problem-solving to remain viable and continue to produce products and offer services. Conditions have required agility and responsiveness to continue to fulfill customers’/clients’/students’ expectations. And the ability to fully embrace the benefits of access and diversity depends on (at least in part) social consciousness and inclusion competency.

Therefore, we are sharing a LINCS resource, Future Skills, Update and Literature Review, which expands on skills including resilience, cross-cultural competency, social intelligence, virtual collaboration, and adaptive thinking.

How have or will you incorporate any of these burgeoning essential skills into your work, e.g., policy development, administration, professional learning, instruction, curricula, student and staff supports...?