Coming Soon: We Dive into ED’s #SecondChancePell Pilot Program!

Event Title: Unlocking the Promise of Pell for Incarcerated Learners

Event Type: Online Discussion in the LINCS Community

Event Location: The Correctional Education and Financial Literacy groups

Date(s): TBD

Happy Monday, members!

Don’t miss your chance to explore Pell Grant options for your incarcerated learners. Special guest Heather Erwin will lead an in-depth discussion on:

  •           Counseling these individuals to seek additional education beyond the high school level;
  •           Implementing cross-walk instructional strategies;
  •           Developing partnerships with local colleges and universities;
  •           Designing courses that help transitioning learners beyond high school equivalency programs; and
  •           Aligning strategies at the state and program levels.

Interested members, please stay tuned for final details concerning this important event. Special guests will promote dialogue and interaction around expanding the promise of Pell to increase positive, post-release outcomes for incarcerated individuals.

Many thanks,

The LINCS Community Team