Contextualized Curricula for Inmate Students

Hi Everyone,

I am working on a research project to help a group of administrators decide on contextualized curriculum purchases (books, software, etc.) for their prison locations.  They are looking at ex-offender friendly occupations, especially blueprint reading, autoCAD, construction, and electrical.  

Thanks in advance for contributing your ideas!

Steve Schmidt 


Hi. We are beginning to use virtual reality training to provide life experiences where it is often difficult to provide the real thing. For example, forklift operation and OSHA training on actual job sites, both provide an amazing way to keep students (and faculty) engaged and learning. If interested, I can share some companies that are playing in this really innovative field.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks so much for your response and great event yesterday on Adult Education Behind and Beyond the Prison Walls!  It was extremely informative.

I would be thrilled if you would provide some more information on the players in the VR field.

Thanks so much!

If the program is allowing technology-based curriculum AND they have English language learners, Voxy may be worth exploring. 

For paper-based materials, McGraw-Hill has some workbooks that may be of interest. 

The Pathways to Success Curriculum might also be helpful to help individuals decide on which career pathway they want to pursue. 

Finally, I would recommend,(if they can afford it), hire a consultant to create what they want and have employers or training providers review the curriculum before using it with individuals in the correction setting. 

I work in a female prison in the state of PA, we offer TPC certification(s) for machine shop class.

NOCTI is a good resource for print based assessments.  And for quick turn around options we have a Flagging course, which takes one day to complete and I encourage the female inmates to pair that with an OSHA 10 card.