ICYMI: September in Review


I wanted to share a few of our resources and discussions from September.

We begain the month seeking ideas for program created resources for education and reentry.  Do you have any resources you wouldl like to share?

Moving on to additional Re-Entry Services,  we looked at resources that strengthen the skills of former inmates. The resources shared in this discussion were developed by the Open Door Collective to help programs aid in transitions for returning citizens.

While this guide includes examples of how agencies can contribute to the planning and delivery of services, I'd love to hear what your doing.

Finally, we looked New Computer-Based Resources Our community member shared Kolibri,  a learning equity project that is used in correctional facilities.

Did you have a chance to check it out? Is it something you can use in your facility?

I hope you enjoyed the discussions and considered them meaningful in your professionnal career. I'd love to hear ideas about what you would like to discuss over the next few months. Feel free to reach out to me or start a discussion yourself. I'd love to engage in your ideas!

Kathy Tracey