Webinar: Teaching the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) with PBS Learning Media

Webinar: January 16,  6:30-7:30 EST

“Teaching Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Engineering Design through Media” presented by PBS Learning Media.  This webinar is designed for instructors of grades 6-8, but can be applied to a variety of skill levels.


PBS LearningMedia™ is launching a new STEM initiative, "Teaching NGSS Engineering Design Through Media." This collection offers 40 media-rich resources to help you bring engineering alive for your students. Produced by WGBH through funding from Raytheon, the project includes resources from such WGBH series as FETCH!, Design Squad and NOVA, and highlights the science and engineering practices of communicating ideas, defining problems, and planning and carrying out investigations. The collection also draws from the expertise of Prof. Martha Cyr of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  Dr. Cyr, the presenter, will help us flush out the new engineering standards as part of NGSS, and show how the new collection of resources on PBS LearningMedia can support your instruction.  Please join us for this timely and very content-rich webinar.   pbslearningmedia.org is a free service co-produced by PBS and WGBH Education.


Teach NGSS Engineering Design Through Media: Grades 6-8, Thursday,1/16, 6:30pmEST REGISTER HERE