Math Interviews

I was wondering how many of you conduct math interviews with your students.  Marilyn Burns is a mathematics educator and the author of over a dozen children's books on mathematics. She claims that interviewing students helps us to understand how they reason.  In a blog, there is an audio interview (click here) about midway down the page.  Would interviewing our students as Marilyn suggests help us in adult education?  What are your takeaways and thoughts?


   When she had a 'math reasoning inventory' online I used that some times (it's evolved into the interviews).   Yes, it was eye-opening that basically *all* the students I met with, f'rinstance, when presented w/ "can you subtract 1000 -3 in your head" air-wrote the problem borrowing and all.   I wonder if in the "interview" version, she stops and talks about counting up ;)   I know I wanted to!!!!