Numeracy "presentation"

Okay, I assume COABE is like other conferences and ... if you present you have to register, and no way $510 (I'd be doing virtual anyway).   
    ... but I found that out after I'd thought about possible value in presenting research on adult numeracy in terms of understanding math. 

    THere's been a surge of articles in oh, the past ten years with a theme of "remediation doesn't work, so get rid of it."   I just read yet *another* one that says we can "maximize throughput" -- *maximize,* not improve!  -- by placing everybody in transfer level college courses because hey, when more people did that, more people succeeded -- overall, 28%!!!!     38% was the highest group... oh, and they didn't give any details about racial profiles of the students succeeding (and they did have the data). 

    People are making all kinds of policy decisions based on these "success stories," when if you dig more deeply (and I have been), there's consistent evidence that we can and should be teaching arithmetic, ratios, basic algebra concepts, and oh, one or two other fundamentals that are, actually, what people need to succeed in stuff they're doing *and* which help students get past the idea that math is a class you try to pass and turn it into something you can understand... if somebody else has the budget to go to COABE I'd be glad to share what I've found...