Call for Proposals: LINCS Virtual Conference

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Calling all adult educators, program managers, and policy wonks! LINCS is looking for proposals across all Communities of Practice (CoPs). Are you up on WIOA? Know a thing or two about integrating technology? Do you have some great strategies for creating supportive classrooms or differentiating for special needs? Consider sharing your expertise, tips, best practices, and strategies with adult education professionals nationwide.

The Call for Presentations is now available at and submissions are due by January 21st.  

SAVE THE DATE! The LINCS Virtual Conference is planned for March 1-15, 2018. Our theme is Adult Education in the 21st Century: Preparing Students For Their Future.

During the conference, attendees will:

  • Participate in webinars, live discussion feeds, and asynchronous discussions to collaborate with peers;
  • Discover LINCS resources to help build skills; and
  • Network with teachers, administrators, support staff, and experts from coast to coast. 

Not in a CoP? No problem! Explore our various CoPs throughout the conference and consider joining one that interests you. Engaging with other practitioners is a conference perk that LINCS users enjoy 24/7!

We are looking forward to this event and hope you join us.


The LINCS Team

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Hi Leecy, I'm sorry but I'm having trouble finding information on the conference offerings. Could you please point me in the right direction? I'd love to recommend this to programs I work with. Thanks very much!

Good to hear from you, Diana! I have enjoyed taking a couple of your good courses courses through ProLiteracy! Hat's always off in your direction!

The Conference schedule has not been published yet. We've had to delay its start until after COABE late this month. Also, rather than have all presentations delivered during a short period of time as originally envisioned, we are asking all presenters to extend their presentations over a period of three months: April, May, and June. As soon as we have all presentations approved and scheduled, I know that Kathy Tracey, the LINCS Moderator spearheading this effort, will be posting that information so that everyone can plan ahead of time to participate.

Diana, I know of your involvement with English Language Learners. I don't know if you were able to attend the great WebConference yesterday that launched the Webinar series on Teaching Academic Writing to Adult English Learners, presented by Rebeca Fernandez, Joy Kreeft Peyton and Kirsten Schaetzel. The discussion following that Webinar will start on Monday in both the Adult Language Acquisition and the Reading and Writing LINCS CoPs. Along with promoting the Virtual Conference among programs (Thanks!), I hope you'll also promote that series. You can find more details on that exciting series posted in our AEL and R&W CoPs. Congrats to Susan Miller for implementing this great event! 

Hope to see you at COABE! Leecy