Teaching Best Career Practices with WorkWise!

COABE Webinar, from New Readers Press: "Preparing Yourselves and Your Adult Students for Success in WIOA: Teaching Best Career Practices with WorkWise!" Presented by Cynthia Campbell

Wednesday, September 13th at 2pm EST

The world of work has changed drastically in the last ten years! Even for us seasoned professionals, the changes in job searching and implementing WIOA make us wish we had fairy dust. In this workshop, you will learn some of the latest best practices in career exploration, job searching, and job success that can help both you and your adult students. You will learn ways to build your learners' reading, writing, and critical skills while learning key job readiness principles. Adult education students may think that finding the career of their dreams is a magical process. In reality, there are steps that learners can take. Even without magic, we can help our adult learners work to make their dreams come true. 

Webinar space is limited to 500 and provided on first come, first serve basis. Register HERE  

Leecy Wise, Moderator
Reading and Writing CoP