Tomorrow's Google Hangout on

Greetings, All. As a result of an initiative from the Nonformal Adult Education microgroup, inspired by David Rosen, Ed Latham has started to host weekly Google Hangouts, offering great tutorials and information on different practices and technology tools in adult education.

To access Ed’s announcement in the Diversity and Literacy group, go to the discussion,

Tomorrow’s session is as follows: July 13th, 7-8PM EDT: learning how you can have students taking notes within a video. Incredible applications of teaching note taking and collaboration!  Link to Event. Signing up gets you a reminder in your email before the event starts. ( )

Google Hangouts are limited to 10 people. It looks like five of us are signed up.

Ed’s site, with all of the info and sign up area is

To access Ed’s  7-page guide to Google Hangouts, go to .

Hope to see you tomorrow, 7-8PM EDT.  Leecy