COABE 2021

With COABE around the corner, I wonder if people want to highlight the preconference/conference sessions they are conducting? I have one that I would like to share, and am hoping that by publicizing here, some people may want to register for the preconference session and join me! My preconference session is scheduled for Friday, March 19th from 8:30am- 11:30am CST and is called: Decoding Instructional Strategies: What do Adult Learners need to Know? Here is the description:

Do you have learners in your classroom who have challenges improving their word reading skills? If the answer is yes, then this pre-conference session may be of interest to you. This session will cover different tools for how to teach difficult letter sounds, how to teach students to recognize vowel combinations, how to teach the decomposition of multisyllabic words, and how to teach students to use decoding strategies in an independent, flexible, and efficient manner.

To register, go to:

Daphne Greenberg

Georgia State University


Thanks for highlighting this session Daphne!

I always feel like a kid in a candy store when COABE comes around!  I wanted to highlight seven COABE reading and writing sessions of interest.  (Note that all times are in Central time.  I have slightly changed titles/descriptions that mentioned a specific high school equivalency test.) 

Diagnostic Writing Instruction: Using Student Data to Improve Writing Instruction

2:00 PM - 3:15 PM on Monday, March 22

"If I wanted to pull teeth I would have gone to dental school! " Have you ever thought this to yourself while working with students on writing? This session will introduce a common-sense (and research-based) approach to writing instruction that helps identify student learning needs, and provides an efficient approach to improving student writing”

7-Sentence Argumentative Essays that Pass

11:45 AM - 1:00 PM on Tuesday, March 23

One of the most difficult challenges for many students to become a high school equivalency graduate is writing a passing argumentative essay. That's especially true for lower-level students and those whose native language isn't English, but this essay doesn't have to be the barrier that stops your students from reaching their goal. Learn how to teach your students to write a simple 7-sentence essay to fulfill all the writing requirements for an argumentative essay.

Words at a Distance: Teaching Academic Vocabulary Remotely

3:45 PM - 5:00 PM on Tuesday, March 23

Is it possible to facilitate effective vocabulary instruction remotely? Yes! You can engage students with evidence-based vocabulary instruction in a virtual, remote classroom. This workshop will demonstrate several effective activities that will have your students using academic vocabulary at a distance both orally and in writing.

Digital Resources for Adult Literacy Learners and Programs: Reading, Comprehension, and Assessment Tools

8:00 AM - 9:15 AM on Wednesday, March 24

We will overview digital resources being researched and developed by the AdultEd Center from the University of Memphis. One resource is the web-based AutoTutor for Adult Reading Comprehension. Another is an adult learner assessment system that can be used for placement, diagnosis, progress monitoring, and outcome assessment. Finally, we will demonstrate how to access and participate with AdultEd’s website portal, a hub for these resources and further information.

Building Writing Skills While Addressing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in the HSE Classroom

11:15 AM - 12:30 PM on Wednesday, March 24

Many high school equivalency students are juggling their own learning with that of their children and changing work schedules. The stress can be debilitating and lead to putting their own goals on hold. Use this time to help students stay engaged in learning while at the same time addressing their social and emotional issues? Join us as we discuss how to combine writing instruction and practice with social emotional learning.

Providing Critical Feedback to Students Electronically

11:15 AM - 12:30 PM on Wednesday, March 24

Instructors will learn theories of providing critical feedback to student writing that can be applied across the curriculum. This presentation will also cover how to provide this feedback in an online environment.

Teaching Reading to Intermediate Adult Readers Through Evidence-Based Reading Instruction

1:30 PM - 2:45 PM on Wednesday, March 24

Student Achievement in Reading (STAR) is an evidence-based reading strategy program that was developed nationally and adopted by our Arizona Adult Education system. This session will focus on the STAR evidence-based reading strategies and take a look at the research behind them. Participants will also get a look into the program changes that Arizona has made to provide more guidance to the programs and make implementation more effective and successful.

What COABE sessions will you be attending?

Thanks for your responses,

Steve Schmidt, Moderator

LINCS Reading and Writing Community