How Do You Use Journaling to Get Students' Writing?

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Today brings another recap of the Help Adult Literacy Students Increase Their Writing Fluency event!

Dr. Corley mentioned how effective journaling can be to get our students writing. Participants chipped in with how they did journaling in class. Dr. Susan Finn Miller said, "I love using dialogue journals. In an in-person class, students get a pocket folder and lined paper. It's a conversation in writing."

Amy White contributed, "We journal every class. I provide a prompt and give the option to answer it or write about anything they want. It’s a great way to get to know more about my students.  I don’t correct journal entries, I just encourage them to craft a paragraph or more with an intro, body, and conclusion."

  • What recommendations do you have for making journaling a successful experience for students?

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Steve Schmidt, Moderator (About Me)

LINCS Reading and Writing Group