A Look Ahead (Discussion with Online Teaching Expert); A Look Behind (Monthly Summary)

Hi Everyone!

Kim Gates (Online Teaching Expert) Discussion Beginning April 2

Beginning this Thursday April 2, the Reading and Writing CoP will conduct a discussion with Kim Gates, the Lead Online Instructor for Atlantic Technical College in Broward County, FL.  Kim has taught adult basic education students through distance education for 18 years.  The discussion will center on how to succeed teaching online.  Please share your comments and questions!


March Summary

It has been a busy month!  We can divide the month into two parts: BC (Before COVID-19) and AC (After COVID-19).  

Get the Gist Summary Strategy  I did two threads on the high value summarizing strategy get the gist.  The first post described why the strategy was so valuable.  The second post discussed how to teach the strategy including a video link modeling it.  

Adult Basic Skills Programs and Public Library Partnerships  Cross posted on several CoPs, members discussed their program's partnerships with public libraries in a very engaging discussion.  

Ideas for Teaching Sight Words  An ESL instructor asked for help with teaching sight words in creative ways.  With help from the English Language Acquisition CoP, you responded. 

Reading and Other Resources for Teaching at a Distance  With programs closing as a result of COVID-19, we are scrambling to serve their students.  Led by the integrating technology and program management CoPs, a wealth of resources were shared including a regularly updated list for teaching students online during the pandemicNewsela and ReadWorks online specific reading resources were also mentioned.  We closed the month with a thread where community members offered one sentence solutions for serving students during the pandemic.

Pun of the Post   What do you call a bee that can’t make up its mind? A maybe  . . . . 


Thanks for a great month!  I am looking forward to a calmer, brighter April! 


Steve Schmidt

LINCS Reading and Writing CoP Moderator



Thank you, Steve, for the relevant and informative discussions.  We are all relying more and more on all of our technology and virtual meetings.  As are many others, I am using Zoom for both meetings with colleagues and for instruction.  It's a learning curve for us all!

I enjoy your puns.  Here's one for you:  Seven days without a pun makes one weak.

So, keep them coming!

Be safe and well everyone!