Two Questions for You

Hi Everyone,

I recently asked Wendi Iacobello, a longtime adult educator, two questions.  The questions and her answers follow below:

What are some creative ways we can teach writing using technology?

“Writing has evolved entirely due to technology. The best way to prepare today's students for writing across multiple modalities is to give them practice not only utilizing different norms for writing but to also give relevant practice incorporating technology into writing. Writing comes to life when it is relevant and practical to students. 

“Here are a few of my favorite ways to help today's learner with their writing skills:

  • Letters to an editor: Today, letters to the editor are digital in nature and usually can be sent via email. Incorporate relevant topics and give students the autonomy to make a choice about the topic.  
  • Reviews: Give students practice reading and writing reviews through Google or through Facebook. 
  • Social Media: Discuss the difference between creating a social media post on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. A huge difference in each of these platforms is the amount of text you are able to post. A few commonalities on all platforms is the power of hashtags and the power of being heard through the use of social media. Allow students come up with a hashtag that could be used to promote your school in a positive light. Have them practice creating a piece of content on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter on the same topic utilizing the hashtag. 
  • Graphic Design: Another creative way to incorporate writing with students is utilizing an app called Canva. This application is a one stop shop for creating social media graphic images, brochures, presentations, infographics, business cards, and more. Have students create a free account and browse the templates for infographics. Allow students to create an infographic giving instructions for a topic of their choice. This not only assists them with writing, but it also gives them a chance to author a sequence of something. Being able to give step-by-step instructions is a life skill and a perfect concept for students to learn.”

What are your favorite technology tools for remote learning? 

“My most favorite technology tool for remote learning is the Google Suite and utilizing Google docs, sheets, forms, etc. In addition, a few of my go-to technologies for project-based learning are: Animoto - an easy to use video making program, Be Funky - a photo editing application, Vocaroo - a voice recording application on desktop or mobile (it does not allow editing though), and lastly Flipgrid - a great tool for building community in the classroom.” 

Thanks so much for your input Wendi!


Now here are the same two questions for you:

What are some creative ways we can teach writing using technology?

What are your favorite technology tools for remote learning? 


Thanks in advance for your responses!

Steve Schmidt, Moderator

LINCS Reading and Writing Community