Google's Applied Digital Skills: Do they have a place in Career Pathways programs?

Google's Applied Digital Skills are designed to teach practical digital skills using its free project-based video curriculum.  These curriculum-based videos are designed to "teach the digital skills students needed to succeed in the classroom and on the job, from researching to analyzing data".  Google has created two series, one for middle & high school students, and a second for adult learners.  Below are links to the first three topics for adult learners:

Digital Tools for Everyday Tasks

Research and Writing

Manage a Project

The MS&HS series also provides topics that may benefit adult learners at different levels, from creating a resume to planning and budgeting.  

What do you think about using these resources with your learners?  What pre-instruction resources and support would your learners need to benefit from these videos?  If you have already used these videos in your Career Pathways program, how did it go? 


Mike Cruse

Career Pathways Moderator


Michael,  I did not know that Google had added Adult Learners to their site.  Last year I used a few of the sections (from MiddleSchool) in an Advanced Tech class for ESOL students.  The students really enjoyed the videos and step-by-step instructions.  In now just looking at the Adult Learners section, it seems to me that for ESOL students, the steps are certainly clear, but the topics really are for more advanced English learners (outlining, internet research for the paper, etc.) rather than beginning or intermediate level ESOL learners.  But the topics can be revised so that the project isn't so big, and at the same time, lower level English learners can still benefit from the Google suite of tools.  In our ESOL program at Chemeketa Community College, we are already introducing our students to the Google Suite, even at our upper-beginning levels.  Perhaps Google next needs to come out with "ESOL Adult Learners"   For those students who are not English learners, I think the site for Adult Learners is very doable.

Hi, Christine -

Thanks for sharing your experience using this with your learners.  I second the idea that Google needs to come out with ESOL for Adult Learners version.  Hopefully, the recent Department of Education publication, Using Educational Technology - 21st Century Supports for English Learners will inspire more conversations between ELLs, their teachers, and the ed tech community to promote resources that address different populations' needs.


Mike Cruse