Discussion: Training & Managing Volunteers

Kathy Houghton, Executive Director of Literacy New York, starting Monday, will facilitate a discussion on training and managing volunteers in adult basic education programs in the LINCS Community Teaching and Learning group.

What would we do without our wonderful volunteers?!

Kathy will also address how to support, train and manage volunteers during the unique circumstances we are all in currently due to the pandemic.

You are all invited to share your experiences and pose questions about your work with volunteers.

Kathy's Bio:

Kathy Houghton is the Executive Director of Literacy New York.  In this position, she creates, implements, and monitors systems and procedures to ensure delivery of grant and project deliverables, and supports staff in meeting outcomes.  Prior to becoming LNY's Executive Director, she was the Director of Program Services for LNY.  She has been employed by LNY since 2007.

Ms. Houghton is also a certified trainer, and facilitates workshops and presentations locally, regionally, nationally, and virtually.  Her training certifications include many aspects of adult education including learning disabilities, reading, and writing. Ms. Houghton is a member of the US Dept of Education-supported national LINCS (Literacy Information and Communication System) training team, with specializations in Learning Disabilities, Reading, and Writing training.  She is also certified nationally to deliver Americans With Disabilities Act workshops as an ADA Training Leadership Network member.  In addition, Kathy is recognized by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) as a content trainer for TEAL (Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy) with a specialty in Writing.