Internet for All: Workforce Planning Guide

The U.S. Department of Commerce - National Telecommunications and Information Administration offers this Workforce Planning Guide as a resource for Eligible Entities completing submissions for Internet For All programs. This guide intends to primarily support Eligible Entities developing submissions to the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program but may also be applicable as entities develop their Digital Equity Plans. It supports Eligible Entities in developing their workforces for grant implementation as well as designing workforce plans and standards for subgrantees. The Workforce Planning Guide includes:

  • Components of a Workforce Plan for the BEAD Program
  • Developing a BEAD Workforce Plan guidance, including proposed planning steps and pacing suggestions for completing BEAD submissions and key integration points with the Digital Equity Program
  • Strategies and Examples that offer a range of approaches for meeting workforce requirements
  • Additional Resources to support the workforce planning and implementation process

You can find the resource here: