Summary of Substantive Program Management Discussions in April

Hello Colleagues,

There were three especially lively discussions in April:

Innovation under pressure

Posted by David J. Rosen on April 3rd. As of May 9th: 7 Comments and 1188 Views.  A few colleagues have already contributed to this discussion on Innovating online during the current pandemic, but the conversation continues and we would love to hear from others.

Remote assessment of reading and writing skills

Posted by Eric Appleton on March 31st. As of May 9th: 7 Comments and 1227 Views

Preparing for and offering adult basic skills online during the pandemic

Posted by David J. Rosen March 9th. As of May 9th: 133 Comments, 19,627 Views. This conversation which began in March continues. We have many participants, and welcome others. Check it out and weigh in on some of the posts and replies.

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Program Management and Integrating Technology groups