AIR: Employment as a Social Determinant of Addiction

Zoom (Synchronous)

On April 28, 2022, AIR will present Employment as a Social Determinant of Addiction, the third webinar in a series from the AIR Center for Addiction Research and Effective Solutions (AIR CARES).

The webinar will focus on efforts to provide workplace accommodations for those with substance use disorder and best practices for retaining valuable employees irrespective of their drug use. Panelists will represent employee and employer perspectives and share practical solutions for how employers can create spaces that are conducive to individuals with substance use disorder.

The series, Social Determinants of Addiction: The 4Ps—People, Policy, Programs, and Practice, features experts in the addiction field and focuses on specific social determinants of health and their relationship to substance use disorder and overdose. Each webinar in the series highlights perspectives from experts in policy, practice, programs, and people to support a more holistic response to the overdose epidemic and to examine the interactions between social structures and the people they are designed to support.

Through these connections, we hope to elevate work that is driven by respect and humility, builds community capacity and sustainable relationships, empowers those whose lives are impacted by that work, improves health, and restores justice.

Join us for what we expect to be an engaging conversation.  

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