I'm your new moderator!

Hello, Teaching and Learning group members! I'm your new moderator, Susan Roberts...so, we're moving from one Susan to another! I come to you from the Louisville, KY, area and am excited to engage with you! A curious person at heart, I am a trainer, teacher, author, and lifelong learner with 15 years of adult education instructional leadership, training design, and curriculum experience. My goal is simple: To facilitate fresh and applicable insight to support your mission to make our world a better place. I also enjoy cooking, running, playing board games, and reading.


Dear Susan,

Since I already had this page open to say "Thank You!" to Susan F.M., I want to also say "Happy Greetings!" to you! I appreciate your sharing the goal you stated in your introduction! Especially the words 'applicable insight' which I had never heard put quite that way, but the meaning is very clear. I am looking forward to learning more in future discussions on teaching and learning.


Hello Susan, I want to warmly welcome you to this community. It's fantastic that LINCS has brought on board new moderators who will bring fresh insights and ideas to our communities. As a returning moderator for the ELA group, I can say that I am super excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with you and the other new moderators. 

Welcome! Welcome!

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition CoP