Tech Tips, Learner Access to Technology, and Some Needs/Questions from Our Recent Coffee Break

Hello colleagues, I'm posting a few tech tips from coffee break participants as well as some needs that were expressed during our online meeting.

Your thoughts and ideas as well as your questions are always welcome!

Thank you for being part of our community!

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Teaching & Learning CoP

Tech Tips and Helping Students Gain Access to Technology

  • Elizabeth Robertson: “I am using Zoom - my choice was based as either laptops or phones can access the platform. Many students do not have computers.”
  • Mary Palmer Legare:  “Students can check out computers and a local library serves as a hotspot so students can use free internet.”
  • Mary Palmer Legare:  “My students all know how to use the cameras on their phones. If they are more comfortable handwriting than typing, they can take a picture and email it or drop it into google docs.  Zoom allows annotations, so I can screen share, and we can do editing/revising.”

Here are some ongoing needs identified by coffee break participants:

  • Teachers say they need more technology training.
  • Cheat sheets for Zoom to share with tutors, teachers and students.
  • Offer additional informal opportunities, such as the coffee breaks, for teachers to share ideas.