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Postsecondary Completion

Welcome to the LINCS Postsecondary Completion Group.

The group is a community of practice for practitioners, researchers and policy-makers from the adult education, postsecondary education, and workforce development fields to explore issues related to helping adult education programs embed the skills adult learners need to complete postsecondary education.

The group shares information, research, expertise, and resources with topics such as:

  • Curriculum and instruction
  • College readiness counseling and assessment
  • Program development
  • Career awareness
  • Data collection
  • Strategic partnerships

Become more informed, get involved, and be inspired! Share your knowledge with the Postsecondary Completion Group and help advance our field of practice.

Recent Activity

Here are the 25 most recent posts in this group.

Title Replies Last Post
Discussion : Results from Tennessee's First Year of the Free Community College for Adults Program 1 Sep 3, 2018
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Discussion : Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act Aug 2, 2018
Discussion : Brookings Report on the Value of Certificates vs. Associate's Degrees 3 Aug 1, 2018
Discussion : Newest community college, in California, will be entirely online. What new skills will adult learners need to succeed? 1 Jul 31, 2018
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Bulletin : Calling Community and Public Sector Leaders to Apply for Casey Fellowship 3 Jul 5, 2018
Discussion : Information Literacy Tips 3 Jul 4, 2018
Discussion : Seeking information about colleges and/or CTE programs that provide targeted services for single mothers 2 Jul 2, 2018
Discussion : final report: Career Pathways Programming for Adult Learners in Chicago, Houston, and Miami Jun 11, 2018
Discussion : National GED Grad Day Celebration Returns on May 16 1 Jun 7, 2018
Bulletin : Center for Workforce Education: “Less Education Can be Worth More” 3 May 23, 2018
Bulletin : Scholarship Announcement: Thurgood Marshall College Fund May 22, 2018
Discussion : What does it mean to be 'fault tolerant' and how does it help with retention? 2 May 12, 2018
Event : Webinar: Closing the Academic Achievement Gap with Math Pathways May 10, 2018
Bulletin : WEBINAR 3.28.18 - Lowering the Cost of Course Materials with Free and Open Educational Resources Mar 26, 2018
Discussion : Using the Integrating Technology Group when you have a Question about Using Technology 18 Mar 19, 2018
Discussion : Which Blended Learning group are you in? Mar 2, 2018
Bulletin : Webinar: Make Industry Experts into Expert Instructors to Increase Student Success Feb 20, 2018
Discussion : Citing Research Feb 20, 2018
Discussion : Media Literacy for 2018: Four Moves and a Habit 1 Feb 1, 2018
Bulletin : Winter/Spring PD Schedule Available Jan 31, 2018
Bulletin : OneUSDA Internship program (PAID!) Jan 25, 2018