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Program Management


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Welcome to the LINCS Program Management Group.

The group is a community of practice for administrators of adult basic, adult secondary, and/or adult English language learning programs to explore research and evidence-based practices, policies, and issues in program management and improvement.

Topics discussed typically deal with program administration, including:

  • Effective approaches for program administration and improvement, instructional programming, staff development, data-driven decision-making, and program evaluation

  • The integrated education and training service approach that provides adult education and literacy activities concurrently and contextually with workforce preparation activities and workforce training for specific occupations

  • Other programmatic and administrative topics related to the implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

  • Program models that feature flexible schedules

  • Using information management systems

  • Local programs’ role as a one-stop partner to provide improved access to employment, distance education, and training services


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