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[Reminder] Work-Based Learning Resources for Adult Educators (Webinar) | April 25

Learn about the work-based learning (WBL), an instructional strategy to connect classroom learning with the workplace: Join “Work-Based Learning Resources for Adult Educators,” a free webinar and online discussion in the LINCS Community Career Pathways Group.

The webinar starts at 2:00 pm ET on April 25. Register here.


WBL is an important component of career pathways. Join the webinar and group discussion to,

  • explore resources for integrating WBL into adult education programs,
  • learn how WBL is addressed in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), and
  • hear from the Tennessee Department of Education on the state’s WBL strategy for adult educators.


Before the webinar, don’t forget to review one of four WBL resources (WBL Toolkit , Simulated WBL Report, Employability Skills Framework, Career Pathways Toolkit) and share your thoughts on it in the Career Pathways group in an ongoing asynchronous pre-discussion. To join, visit the Career Pathways Group.

We hope you will join us!



The LINCS Team