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Career Pathways


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Michael Cruse

Welcome to the LINCS Career Pathways Group.

The group is a community of practice for practitioners, employers, researchers and policy-makers from the adult education, postsecondary education and workforce development fields to explore instructional and programmatic best practices, policies, and issues in providing career pathways services. 

Topics discussed include:

  • Coordination with education, training, and social service resources in the community
  • Workforce preparation activities include activities, programs, or services designed to help an individual acquire a combination of basic academic skills, critical thinking skills, digital literacy skills, and self-management skills, including competencies in:

    1. Utilizing resources;
    2. Using information;
    3. Working with others;
    4. Understanding systems;
    5. Skills necessary for successful transition into and completion of postsecondary education or training, or employment; and
    6. Other employability skills that increase an individual's preparation for the workforce.
  • Postsecondary success and completion
  • Program design and Integrated education and training
  • Contextual instruction
  • Standards-based instruction
  • Work readiness skills
  • Dual and concurrent enrollment
  • Flexible wrap-around services including academic and career counseling
  • Stackable industry-recognized credentials
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Apprenticeships

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