input into this Course Design Structure?

Greetings, Colleagues, and Happy Thanksgiving week!

I am designing a short course for Reading Instructors that compiles in one place all the research, assessment, and activity ideas I have discovered in the last 6 months in my own efforts to improve my reading instruction.  This 1 page pdf has is the course design structure.

If anyone has an interest, would you review and comment? Is it clearly defined on initial review? What would you add? What questions come up?

If you are interested in my work and would like to discuss, contact me here. I seek practitioners of evidence-based reading instruction who struggle, and those who have it all figured out!

Best, Ann


Ann, I'm interested in providing feedback for your short course in response to your request. Thanks for the opportunity to collaborate. How do I access your 1 page pdf? Thanks. Nick

Jeri, It would mean a lot to have you look over the outline, which I am completing here in a day or two.  I'll be back to you, I will just include it with the Course Plan I had originally submitted.

Best, Ann