Online Course: Teaching Adults to Read

** This thread is a placeholder for discussion around a new LINCS courses, Teaching Adults to Read. We hope this course will be available in the LINCS Learning Portal later in 2020.**


Commenting so that I stay updated. Very interested in this course.

I'm in!  

I do CoPs for our ESL teachers with a focus on reading skills differentiated by lower level students (Lit-Level 2/3) and higher level studets (3/4-6).




Hi Nicole, I understand from Jessie Stadd at LINCS that the course will "include content for teaching beginning level, intermediate level, and advanced level readers."

Hope this helps,

Steve Schmidt

Moderator, LINCS Reading and Writing COP 

I look forward to exploring the course. Sounds like a great contribution to the field! Keep us posted! Leecy