Coffee Break: Implementation Challenges for Teaching Math and Numeracy


Dear Math and Numeracy Colleagues,

Adult Education programs and schools are still working in unprecedented ways to continue the practice of education. Using online resources, platforms, and innovative approaches can be difficult if you have no one else in your area to connect and share your experiences with. We invite you to join the Math and Numeracy Community of Practice on December 21, 2020, from 3 PM to 4 PM ET for a coffee break. The moderator will lead a conversation and share ideas and lessons learned focusing on new LINCS resources, forming community connections, and finding the support you need. Participant involvement is strongly encouraged. We succeed in the field, we can do it together.

Here is the link to get registered:




Hi Brooke,

Thank you for scheduling this. I'm looking forward to hearing from other teachers. These conversations have interesting and helpful.

Is the time 3-4pm EST or 4-5pm EST?

Also, will there be a Zoom registration link? I'd like to share the event with colleagues.


Although, this curriculum is designed for middle school it could work in some adult ed courses. The curriculum consists of LMS course shells using Geogebra's version of Illustrative Mathematics 6-8 math. The courses have been built in Moodle and have been tested in Canvas, Schoology, and D2L. They are all free and openly licensed. They are available for download via MoodleNet. MoodleNet does not require an account to browse and download resources. The new version of MoodleNet is still under construction but these courses are available now. MoodleNet will be a great sharing repository for OER materials when it is finally rolled out in the next few months. Here's a blog post about the courses. If you want to see a presentation on it and a sample course there is more info here