Donna retiring

Good morning, Career Pathways colleagues!  I am at a turning point in my life due to the death of my husband of 50 years on October 1, and I have decided to officially retire as the Subject Matter Expert of the Career Pathways group.  I plan to stay a member of the group, as I want to stay in contact with the field, so I'm not going away, but will no longer be responsible for welcoming new members and planning activities for the group.  There are many of you who already take the time to share information and ask questions, and hopefully there will be more of you who will take those initiatives and the group will continue to be a place where those in the field connect on several levels. 

I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed getting to know many of you and helping to develop the community.  Thank you all for your support over the years and the good works that this group represents on a continuing basis.  Feel free to contact me through the LINCS contact site any time.

Donna Brian


Thank you, Donna for your dedication to LINCS throughout your career in adult education. We appreciate your service in cultivating and building the career pathways group and its members. The entire LINCS team at Kratos Learning wishes you peace during this time and the very best in your retirement, and encourages you to revisit the group when time permits and continue to share your curiosity and expertise in the topic area. We and the members of the community would certainly be happy to hear your voice in the group from time to time!

Laura, Chrys, Jessie, Sarah, Lakecia, Christine, Dorjan, Thomas, I-Fang

Hello group members,

When I heard recently that Donna's husband has passed away and that she was going to be leaving her position, I contacted her personally.  It will be a big loss to our field to lose Donna Brian.  I have been a colleague and friend of hers from the years she worked at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, for the National Institute for Literacy as a Discussion List Moderator, and for the last few years as the Subject Matter Expert for this Career Pathways Group.  She has made a huge contribution to the field of adult education.

Donna Brian will be sorely missed.

Rochelle Kenyon