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Floods, unfortunately

We are seeing a lot of flooding in various parts of the US and the world.  Information about floods can be used to teach such skills as reading graphs, charts, and maps;  problem solving; numeracy; and science.  One resource is the US Geological Survey website, with links to current floods, past floods, and additional resources.    Here is a link to the agency's flood resources:

The NASA Earth Observatory website is another resource.  It often depicts flooding as seen from space, such as in this "Image of the Day" from May, 2014, showing flooding in the Balkans.

Have you used this topic to teach basic skills?  As one example, Oregon had historic flooding of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers in the late 1990s.  Many groups of adult learners constructed specific math problems out of the situation, such as "In order to protect the areas around the flooding in Portland, how many square feet of plywood need to be put in place?  How many sandbags might be effective for each 5 inches of river rise?"  Students also explored issues of emergency preparedness, geology, geography, the water cycle, and health-related problems in dealing with flood water.

Please comment on ways in which floods, or other weather-related issues, can be integrated into adult education classrooms.