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ICYMI: October Discussions and November Previews

In October, we had several weekly discussions. Before we start our November thoughts, take a moment to reflect on some of the ideas, resources and topics shared. We began the month with a question about how to Submit a Successful Call for Proposal and Develop Conference Sessions. For our professional development providers, feel free to share a tip or strategy that leads to good sessions!

We had a cross posted conversation with the Science Community of Practice, Video Screenings for Science Instruction?, where we discussed hosting video screenings as a way to help students build background knowledge and create community engagement. Get ready for our discussion in November about screening a movie.

We also touched on an incredibly complicated topic with Are We Afraid to Let Students Fail? What do you think? Should students be allowed to make mistakes? Another topic presented was The Role of Libraries in Adult Literacy Education. In today's ever-changing and technology driven world, we often hear the question - Do we still need libraries? What do you think? 

We also talked about MicroLearning in PD. Hwo do you think you could implement it?

Finally, check out the event Free webinar series on Building IET Programs

November will bring discussions on academic vocabulary development, discussing the documentary 13th and how it can be used in your program, and many more great topics.

  • What would you like to discuss?
  • What questions do you have? 

Kathy Tracey

Tags: EBPD