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Intro to Health Occupations

Greetings, Colleagues! I work with a SW Native American tribe that is funded to prepare tribal members to enter health careers. Participants are taking several credit and non-credit courses from different sources to certify in different health fields. Proficiency levels are all over the map, so the program offers many options for tutoring and remediation.

The tribe is very poor and members face umpteen challenges in every aspect of their lives. The Project Director wants to really entice them in different ways to persist. One approach he wants to implement is a short (2 weeks?) "seminar/workshop" that introduces students to the possibilities open in the health field. He wants something very hands on and fun - engaging. He wants to stay away from the traditional career pathways description. He envisions an innovative intro to health careers that includes choices that go beyond becoming and PCP, then CNA, then MA or LPN and RN. He hopes that students can understand that they can apply their computer, clerical, art and other skills in the health field. They don't just have to take care of patients.

Does anyone know of a resource that we can adapt or adopt to offer such a intro that is non-traditional and innovative? Do you have any ideas on what content might be included in the seminar/workshop? Activities? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Leecy Wise