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July Summary

Hello Colleagues!  As summer moves from July to August the Reading and Writing Community of Practice has been very active with many informative discussions:

Learning About Learning Circles

In this discussion, cross-posted in English Language Acquisition, Financial Literacy, Health Literacy, Integrating Technology, Non-formal Adult Education, Program Management, Science, and Teaching and Learning, David Rosen began by defining learning circles, then answering many common questions about this learning group.  Please visit this website to learn about learning circles: 

From this beginning discussion grew a thread about ESOL Learning circles.  Clair and Paul discussed an X-Prize App learning circle.  Another thread discussed the differences between learning circles, study circles, blended learning, and classes

Finally, the free CUNY videos, We Are New York and We Speak New York, were posted.

Please continue to share in this discussion.  There is so much to learn!

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Does Research Evidence Affect Policy and Practice?

In another cross-posted (Career Pathways, Correctional and Reentry Education, English Language Acquisition, Integrating Technology, Professional Development, Program Management, Science, and Teaching and Learning) David Rosen began an discussion about research practices.  Several colleagues discussed both STAR and ANI.  Please join this discussion and respond to one or more or the questions David posed.

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Exploring Media Literacy for Adult Learners

Michael Cruse began this cross-post in Career Pathways, English language Acquisition, Integrating Technology, Teaching and Learning, and Disabilities and Equitable Outcomes.  One thread of this discussion addressed the responsibilities of instructors to talk to students about judging the credibility of sources. 

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Three Goals in One Lesson

In the cross-posted discussion in Math and Numeracy and Teaching and learning, Cynthia Peters discussed ways to integrate academic skills in activities that relate to real-life interests, or occupational goals.  Many valuable resources and effective lessons were shared during this discussion. 

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Our Role as Adult Educators During the Immigration 'Crisis'

This discussion was cross-posted by Paul Rogers in Career Pathways, Diversity and Literacy, English Language Acquisition, Integrating Technology, and Teaching and Learning.  Many thoughts and opinions were shared.  Please share your ideas in this thought-provoking discussion.

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This discussion was cross-posted by Leecy Wise in Teaching and learning.  Please join this discussion to share how you provide feedback to your students.

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Summer Plans

In an article, Elizabeth Stein discusses what we can do as teacher during the summer to be better teachers in the fall.  Three universal things we can all do are:  1) practicing mindfulness, 2) reading, reflecting, and planning, and 3) a connecting, collaborating, listening, and sharing.  What have you been doing this summer to prepare for the fall?

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Strengthening Research and Practice in Reading and Writing

In this post, David Rosen brings our attention to the article, Fieldnotes: Reflections from an Adult Education Instructor on Research and Practice.  I invite you to read this article and share your thoughts in this discussion.

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My quote for July: “One benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by” – Jeanette Walls

Thank you for contributing to the wonderful discussions throughout July.  Please continue to share your thoughts!