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LINCS Courses for Science Instruction

Did you know the LINCS Learning Portal is an open-access, web-based  learning platform that enables learners, instructors, and organizations to access online learning opportunities. There are several Science based courses for consideration. I invite you to check them out. 

The opportunities: 

  • Engaging Adult Learners in Science: This course provides an overview of the relevance and importance of science in the adult basic education/adult secondary education (ABE/ASE) classroom and introduces the use of scientific practices in the ABE/ASE classroom.
  • Scientific Practices in Context: This course provides guidance on where to find credible science resources, an introduction to teaching science in context, and reviews the teaching and learning cycle, focusing on curriculum design including lesson planning and development within the context of an adult education science unit.
  • Project-Based Science Instruction for Career Preparation: This course is the third in a series of LINCS online courses that facilitate the teaching of science in the adult education classroom. The first two courses in the series, Engaging Adult Learners in Science and Scientific Practices in Context: Curricular Planning and Lesson Development, introduce the concept of scientific practices. The third course connects scientific practices to science content and the use of science in adults' daily lives, especially in work and career-related contexts.
    • The course is self-paced and is comprised of three sessions:

      • Using Project-Based Learning to Connect Science Instruction to Daily Life;
      • Preparing Adults for STEM Careers via Project-Based Learning; and
      • Mapping Science Education to Career Paths.
  • Teaching Energy Literacy to Adult Learners:  This course explains the concept of energy literacy, and introduces the Energy Literacy Framework developed by the U.S. Department of Energy. Educators can use the Framework (available in English and Spanish) to teach adult learners about the role of energy in their lives and to generate potential interest in energy as a career field. This course explores the Fundamental Concepts of the seven essential principles outlined in the Energy Literacy Framework and provides examples of online resources teachers can use to teach the principles and associated concepts to adult learners.


Tags: Science, EBPD