Introduction to the NEW Civics Education and Citizenship Forum

Hello, hello!  My name is Jennifer Gagliardi, and I pleased and proud to introduce myself as the moderator for the LINCS Civics Education and Citizenship.  I have worked in adult education since 2001 as an ESL/Citizenship instructor at Milpitas Adult School.  I deeply believe that the development of multiple literacies--linguitsic, cultural, civic, employment, health, financial, digital--are critical the education of the whole adult.

As a subject matter expert for the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network, I present on the intersection of technology and civics.  As a teacher and trainer, I leverage technology to engage, enhance, and extend the EL Civics classroom curriculum so that adult learners can not only meet their program's objectives, but balance work/life obligations and achieve their civic responsibilities.  The goal: full participation in our democratic society.  

LINCS is is a great place to meet, share, challenge, and extend our expertise in the area of Civics Education and Citizenship.  There is so much to discuss--where shall we begin?  Introduce yourself and share any ideas, questions, and concerns.  I look forward to working together.  Let's get started!


Thanks so much for the welcome.  I look forward to learning more about the adult education programs in Pennsylvania.  Do you have suggestions for online discussion or presentations in the CEC forum?

Welcome!  I am originally from Chicago but was whisked away to California.  Every year, I would come back and visit family in Kane and du Page counties.  I see that you work with genealogy--have you ever used the USCIS or the National Archives genealogy resources?  

I was motivated to join this group because I teach ESL face-to-face and online for an Adult Education program based at a community college.  We don't have an official citizenship class or program, but many of my students have been asking for this in recent years.  

I have admired Jennifer Gagliardi from afar, and have referred students to her podcast and classes to achieve the goal of U.S. Citizenship and all of the rights and responsibilities that follow.  I love Jennifer's approach and I want to learn more from her and all of you.

Elena--thank you so much for joining our group.  I think you pose a very interesting question: how do you help students prepare for their Citizenship interview when there is no "official" Citizenship Prep class in your program.  Thoughts?

Welcome to you, Jennifer! And to all the new members of this LINCS community! I'm looking forward to all that we have to share with and learn from one another!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition Group