Moving from Webinars to Virtual Events


As we move into the new fiscal year and we continue to address the need for social distancing, this may lead to a challenging year with conferences. It's also time to move beyond webinars with the multitude of tools that are available for virtual events. 

I invite you to review the resources on this blog about running a virtual conferences Which platform seems the mist interesting? Which would you like to attend?

I'd love to hear your plans for virtual conferences.


Kathy Tracey



We are seeing more and more of our conferences move into a virtual space as we adjust to this new normal. I thought some of you may find this article of interest: Planning Virtual Conferences:

How are you handeling any fall conferences? 
I'd love to hear what's happening across the country.


Hi Everyone,

This is a great question.  I was invited to do several workshops at a state's summer conference in June that was then rescheduled for October.  I received word last week that they cancelled the October face-to-face conference and were now exploring remote learning options for the fall.  In another state, their spring 2021 conference, which they normally do face-to-face in March, will be held virtually next year.  

One advantage of doing virtual conferences is the ability to archive.  At almost every traditional conference I have been to, I always want to attend more sessions than I am able to because so many interesting things are offered at the same time.  (Or I am presenting and am unable to attend something I would like to for my personal professional development (PD).)  I look forward to viewing recorded and archived sessions at this year's COABE Conference as they are released.  

Also, in past years at face-to-face events which hold 10 or 12 workshop sessions over several days, I sometimes get PD fatigue after the 8th session.  Yes, PD fatigue even strikes us PD providers too!  

Do you like face-to-face or virtual conferences better?  Why?

Have a great day,


Moderator, LINCS Reading and Writing CoP