Understanding Evolution Website Updates

Understanding Evolution Website has bee updated and expanded! 

This website from the University of California Berkeley’s Museum of Paleontology is a one-stop source for teaching and learning about evolution. The site has evolution teaching resources for educators of every level.  Whether you are looking for lessons to build foundational understandings at the elementary level or videos and online labs to address specific evolutionary concepts at the middle and high school levels.

Highlights from the site: 

  • Lessons are vetted by experienced teachers and searchable by Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Disciplinary Core Ideas.
  • Student-friendly news stories connect evolutionary concepts to current events.
  • Evolution 101, a multi-part online course (available in Spanish and English), reviews evolutionary theory and addresses concepts such as natural selection, genetic drift, and mutations. Embedded within are Digging Data activities that provide opportunities for high school and college students to work with authentic data from diverse scientists and learn what evolutionary biologists do in their careers. 
  • A trilingual, printable comic book connects paleontology, mass extinction, and climate change.