Intersection between the CCRS And the Next Gen Science Standards

Hello all,

I was just looking for some resources for Adult Education Science Class activities and looking at the standards and came across this article on LINCS, .  There is a discussion/resources about Venn Diagrams and I was curious if anyone utilizes Venn Diagrams and if so, what level do you discuss them? What is your opinion of using them to help adult learners?



P.S. what are some other diagrams/graph/visuals that you use in the science class and do they blend well into a mathematical context?


Hello -

I have a set of science posters and coordinating packet that go over Living Things, Plant Cell, Animal Cell, and Plant Parts & Photosynthesis (for a visual of this particular poster set, see:  In the student packet, there is a Venn diagram to fill in that compare & contrast plants and animals.  In general, these posters (there are 'many' others) have good, colorful visuals with information on science content ...and other subjects too. 

Also, I use a Venn diagram when discussing atoms and cells.  It's a good tool to show the differences and similarities between the two items. 

Furthermore, I know there is a question on one of the computer practice tests we have that asks the students to identify which is best to represent something (I think this question is on the social studies test...); the choices are Venn diagram, histogram/bar graph, line graph, or pie chart.  Some of the students have asked me what a Venn diagram is because they haven't heard of it (yet).