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[Attention]: LINCS Explores Digital Badges in Adult Education, Next Week!

Event Title: Micro-credentials and Online Portfolios

Event Type: Online Discussion

Date(s): July 13-17, 2015

Next Monday, from July 13-17, 2015, join us in the LINCS Technology and Learning group for a special Micro-credentials and Online Portfolios online discussion. This online discussion will focus on:

  • Defining and describing micro-credentials (digital badges) and online portfolios;
  • Exploring how they can be used in adult education programs, schools and organizations;
  • Examining how they can enhance existing online learning or assessment products and websites ; and
  • Identifying potential benefits for learners pursuing substantive career pathways.

Aimed at examining micro-credentials and online portfolios in a comprehensive way, this event will be particularly relevant to adult education teachers, program administrators, and members of the LINCS Technology and Learning, Program Management, and Career Pathways groups.

We look forward to a lively discussion next week!

Best regards,

The LINCS Community Team