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A Longitudinal Career Pathways Study: An Interview with the Investigators

Join the LINCS Community Career Pathways Moderator Mike Cruse on January 29-30 for an asynchronous interview with the executive director for the Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition and two co-investigators of a major longitudinal career pathways study, Career Pathways Programming for Lower-Skilled Adults and Immigrants: A Comparative Analysis of Adult Education Providers in High-Need Cities. The interview and discussion will happen in the LINCS Career Pathways Group. The two co-investigators, Dr. Esther Prins and Dr. Carol Clymer, and one adult education local program director, Dr. Becky Raymond from Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition, will discuss meeting the needs of career pathways learners, as well as delve into the related research and practices around career pathways identified in the study, in three major U.S. cities – Houston, Miami, and Chicago. 

Many adult education providers seek to develop career pathway programs that build low-skilled adult learners' core skills (e.g., math and reading) in preparation for specific careers or fields (e.g., health care). This activity will share research findings from adult education programs in Chicago, Miami, and Houston that describe how providers in each city integrate career pathway components into their services. This information will help programs understand and improve practices as well as create the foundation for subsequent collaboration and research. Together, participants will unpack the results of this longitudinal study and explore how the study was conceived and executed. By understanding this research, program managers and instructors will be able to reflect on their own programs to better serve adult learners in urban environments.

The Career Pathways Toolkit and Career Pathways Checklist from the LINCS Resource collection will be referenced for participants looking for resources on implementing, or further developing the research into their programs.

After the interview in the Career Pathways Group, a discussion thread will be cross posted in the Program Management Group so that members of both groups can post questions and engage in communication with the investigators. LINCS Community members and non-members will be able to access and view the discussion thread, but to participate in the discussion, individuals will have to join either the Career Pathways Group or the Program Management Group.

Participants requiring special accommodations can call 301-828-1526 or email 10 days in advance. We will do our best to assist you.


The LINCS Team