Facebook, Websites and WhatsApp combination

Hello, everyone, this is a very timely discussion and I would like to briefly mention some observations from my own experiences.

In my program that teaches adult English learners, especially Spanish speakers, I have been using lessons on mobile devices for a few months, accessing Facebook, Pumarosa and other sites, and “teaching” through classes on WhatsApp, which is very popular.

The 24/7, 365 availability of lessons is very appealing to people who are usually very busy.

I think that a focus on a mobile devices in connection to workplace adult education is also a good way to approach adult education in general, especially ESL.

A large percentage of people I teach in classes work in a wide variety of jobs, one way or the other. Learning English for practical purposes and for employment is the main motivation.

People who have been trained in various professions in Mexico, for example, find that they are not qualified to work in their area because of a lack of English skills. So connecting workplace skills to Basic English skills is a beneficial addition.

Making the lessons available via smart phones and WhatsApp is, as one student said, “the next step in the evolution of education”.

I also would like to mention that the use of mobile devices is not just a topic for discussion among Formal Adult Educators, but is also something that can be used quite effectively in the Nonformal or community-based sector. Eventually all agencies that provide adult education classes will be able to form a working network, that includes classes in a church basement, at libraries, community centers, etc.

Forming partnerships with companies can be supplemented by offering a variety of classes in many kinds of jobs, from laundry workers to swap meet vendors.

I look forward to reading what others have experienced.

Paul Rogers





Paul, your work with mobile devices is exciting. Where can people like me and others who want to implement the practices gain more instruction on how to start using those devices? I work a lot with computers online and through live-video conferencing, but I have a gap when it come to learning on mobile devices.

Would members here be interested in joining Paul later this month or next in a Google Chat to discuss how teachers and administrators might get started? What are the basics?

Paul, if we have enough takers, are you open to leading a Google Chat on this topic? David Rosen, a member in our Nonformal group and moderator in the Technology group, suggested this possibility and might be open to helping us set things up.

Are there other members reading this who might jump into this great discussion with ideas? Thanks! Leecy (leecy@reconnectioncompany.com)

Hi Leecy,

I think you may have been referring to a Google Hangout. This is a simple, free, real-time videoconferencing platform. I think only 9 or 10 people can actively participate at a time, although many more can "listen in".

If Paul is willing, and if others are interested in joining us, they should let Leecy know, and we'll try to schedule a date and time.

David J. Rosen




David, thanks for this suggestion. A video conference would be great.

Also, I am going to print up a synopsis of your report on the mobile devices discussion so that I can hand it out as a one page flyer at the conference in Philadelphia next week.The conference is on Technology in Adult Education, with specific interest in its use in the workplace.


Hi Paul,

You could use the Tech Tip for Teachers version of the summary of the mobile devices for low-skilled  workers discussion. Printed on both sides it might fit on one page. Alternatively, you could just develop a page of resources in which you include it as a link.

You might wish to include  on a resources page information about the M-learning Wiggio group, of which you are one of the over 75 members. As you know, it is a group of adult basic skills educators and software developers engaged with mobile devices for adult learning. Those who want to join the group can do so by contacting me directly.

You might also add a link to the M-learning page on the Literacy List, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wPWFqhqeQNzJYaZhtWKLQpmHjLXffxkFWoC6fFM_KXA/edit?pref=2&pli=1

David J. Rosen



Google hangout currently supports 10 people in video conference. 

If you go to Google Hangouts On Air, you can create an event that people can sign up or tune into https://plus.google.com/u/0/hangouts/onair

Using the On Air service you can broadcast the session so that others can at least view and it records the session if you wish so you can instantly host it in YouTube (Google owns that too). In this way, many members can catch up on the experience asynchronously to see what the experience is like and take in the conversation. 


Hmmmm, Ed. Would you be willing to set this up for us? In the meantime, I'll practice with others to be sure I know how to do this. And thanks for the instructions! I'll start playing!

I've emailed Paul asking for a good date. He goes to Philly next week. Maybe the following week?

Since we have our Technology Guru, David Rosen, in our midst, I thought he might join us, too. What think, David?

I'm excited! Leecy (leecy@reconnectioncompany.com)

Leecy and all, I would love to help set up the hangout on air and participate if possible. We would need a time and date and I think David's suggestion of using Doodle is a wonderful one. Perhaps we can have Paul toss out some dates and times (please indicate time zone) and we can post a link to a doodle here. Then we can see who can make what dates and at that point we just need the gmail addresses of those attending on that date. Sounds like lots of steps typing it all out but it really is not. At any rate, it is much easier than all of us trying to coordinate where we could all meet up face to face and have dinner some time :) Hmmm that would be a fun time come to think of it!

I will continue monitoring till we have some times set up. 

Love the f-2-f idea and dinner to boot, Ed. Let's gather at a micro-COABE! :) I'll post possible dates when I hear more. We'll make it happen! Sounds like I'll be learning Doodle, too! Learning is my favorite thing to doo.. dle Leecy

You're on, Paul. I've emailed you to get possible date suggestions. We'll need to think of good times to meet going from your Pacific Coast all the way to Jo, David, and others on the Eastern Coast. Any ideas out there? Leecy


If you have the email addresses of those who are interested in the Google Hangout you could send a Doodle of possible days and times. Doodle can be set so it will adjust the proposed meeting times to the time zone of the person logging in (which may not work well if the person is traveling in a different time zone when completing the Doodle, but does otherwise work). It would be fine with me to have Ed Latham set up the hangout once we have a day and time. Perhaps 45 minutes long would be best, as the first 15 minutes may be getting everyone used to the technology. Having a topic might be useful, too, but not a "presenter". Perhaps a few questions to think about in advance.

I would happy to join you.

David J. Rosen


As per David's suggestion, if you want to Hangout with us, please send me your email addresses so that I can go to Doodle and set up your preferences. Paul suggests May 23rd. That's a start. According to this thread, we have seven people planning to join the party:

  1. Paul
  2. David
  3. Ed
  4. Leecy
  5. Mary
  6. Jo
  7. Alison

Send me your emails at leecy@reconnectioncompany.com. I'll gather the list and get back to you through Doodle, which I've never used but look forward to learning along with Google Hangout. I'm off to learn! Leecy (leecy@reconnectioncompany.com)

Hi, Leecy, David, and all group members, let's try for the 23d of this month, and also I will write up a summary of my experiences in Philadelphia, and details of my presentation. 

I hope the discussion will continue after the 23d, especially since there is much more to these new developments than meets the eye! It is all fascinating and extremely useful, and I am very glad to be part of it.



Thanks, Paul. I'll send out a Doodle survey to find out best times on the 23rd.I appreciate your offer to set up the Hangout session and will send you results from the survey as they come in. Leecy

If you sent me your gmail, you should have received a Doodle poll, choosing best times on the 23rd, all EDTs: 1 PM, 5PM, and 6 PM. Please respond in Doodle. Thanks. Leecy

According to those who responded on Doodle, the best time for most is 5PM EDT. I'm sure that Paul will be sending out details to each of you who signed up on how to join. The Hangout accepts a maximum of 10 participants. I have the following people signed up. If you cannot attend, please email me at leecywise@gmail.com so that others have a chance to join if they want. I may have left someone out, so please let me know if that's the case. Thanks! Leecy (leecywise@gmail.com

  1. David Rosen
  2.  Leecy Wise
  3. Ellen Clore-Patron
  4. Ed Latham
  5.  Cynthia Zafft
  6. Alison Ascher Weber
  7. Paul Rogers
  8. Tresa Pokorski
  9. Mary Babcock