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[Reminder] Asynchronous Interview: Distance and Blended Learning with Jen Vanek

Join LINCS today for an asynchronous interview with Dr. Jen Vanek, the author of numerous papers focused on adult education and director of the IDEAL Consortium at World Education, Inc. She will unpack New Models for Distance Classes in Adult Education and introduce IDEAL Distance Education and Blended Learning Handbook.

Distance and blended learning are teaching and learning strategies that employ technology for engaging students in non-traditional, flexible, virtual classrooms, activities, and modules. Specific strategies that will be discussed focus on effective use of technology to facilitate successful orientation, placement, assessment, and retention in a distance and/or blended environment.

Dr. Vanek supports member States with the growth or revision of their distance or blended learning programming by connecting practitioners and administrators across the country as they share expertise and make the best use of relevant research. The conversation will continue as a discussion in the LINCS Community following the facilitated interview.

This activity will be useful for professional development providers, instructors, and program managers. Participants will have a chance to reflect on their own programs and gain a better understanding of current research to integrate learnings into their classroom practices. Prior to and following the activity, moderators will facilitate discussion around the topic, as well as participants will be encouraged to share how they are applying the models and strategies.

To participate, simply join the LINCS Community Evidence-based Professional Development Group, Program Management Group, and/or the Integrating Technology Group.


The LINCS Team